We are so excited to invite you to the first Tantra Spirit Festival ONLINE Edition!
19 – 22 June 2020

Our team understand that, as we are facing sudden economical changes, the financial situation for each and one of us is somewhat different.

While some of us may be experiencing financial hardship, others may be doing fine and perhaps, some of us may be doing quite well…Therefore, we’ve established a multiple ticket price option:


Recorded Materials Package
(50% sale)


Enjoy the whole festival package with 70+ workshops from 40 international teachers, Live Music, Ceremonies and Rituals.
Available to watch until 30th July.

Our festival would like to support a “gift economy” attitude based on Trust and Generosity.

We believe in money as an energy circulating entity and therefore are dedicated to redistribute resources and profits with fairness.

All of us are facing the coming months with financial uncertainty in a changing world.

Know that each ticket purchase is financially supporting presenters and artists, most of which, have had to cancel all of their upcoming work, but still, are fully showing up to deliver their gifts and talents in our online festival.

Once registraton is made, you will receive an email with payment details and as soon as payment is made we will send you all info necessary to access the festival.

We accept payments via credit/debit card or PayPal.

Thank you!



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