Celebration is an important part of Tantric lifestyle.

This festival offers amazing events such as Dance Performances and Soulful live music,



Internationally acclaimed Musicians and Performers, Soundscape Meditations, Variety show, Fire Dancers and our Epic Closing Party.

Our festival puts a large emphasis on Live Music and Dance.

Whether you choose to abandon yourself in Ecstatic Dance or be part of a rehearsed Choreography or yet, connect with your Soul for a Trance Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, your body will surely find its way to optimum expression in the most supportive and creative environment.



Fia is a Swedish artist, songwriter and transformational guide who with
her powerful presence and unique energy inspires and empowers us to
live our truth.

Speaking straight to the core of our being, she reminds us of who and what we are beyond our limiting beliefs, wounds and stories.
With two length albums, Made of Stars (2016), Legacy of Light (2017) released independently and the third, Waterfall of Wisdom, on the way
(April 2019), Fia is touring all over the world playing festivals and sold out concerts.

She is a leader in the new music industry & conscious community, where authentic connection is everything.

She has a one of a kind way to communicate with her audience and her concerts have people
feeling inspired and uplifted, leaving feeling empowered and wanting

This woman and her soul stirring music is unlike anything you’ve heard before.
I am limitless, infinite, powerful, abundant. Complete from
the start. Creator of all. I am that, I am.


Joseph Danza:

Joseph “Pepe” Danza is a native of Uruguay who has, since an earlyage, traveled the world in a committed research into TraditionalMusic forms and Spiritual disciplines, and how these interact andsupport each other. His travels include years in India studying music,Yoga and Buddhism, years in Japan studying Shakuhachi flute andthe Zen tradition, Brazil for studies in Percussion and Afro Latinspiritual practices, America and Turkey for studies in Sufism, severalyears in Europe studying and playing with Jazz ensembles, Bali forthe study and practice of Sound Healing and Hindu practices, andothers too numerous to mention…Joseph resided in Canada for over twenty years and receivednumerous awards and nominations as a composer for film andtheatre, and for his recordings as a solo artist and as a member ofseveral multicultural ensembles.He was one of the founders, and for four years, the Artistic Directorof the Sacred Music Festival in Vancouver.Joseph is a virtuosic multi instrumentalist and also has an extensiveteaching career in music, sound healing, and practical spirituality.


Artist and man of spirit, Yudan guides people through transformational processes by
connecting them to a deep listening to the hidden and emotional worlds creates spaces of prayer and play.

WizarDJ leads development groups for men and mixed groups, leads and guides ceremonies, creates and leads cacao ceremonies playback theater musician

Learn more in his site –
Mixcloud :


Explore the natural and profound capacity of your voice to access and release energetic blocks…


Lani Rocillo is a healing arts practitioner and musician trained in Sound Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Practice. She works with the mediums of sound, plants, breath and performance with the intention of opening space to explore and access our innate capacity to realise balanced health, compassionate purpose and embodied creative potential. Inspired by the holistic approach in the creative process, she integrates wisdom discoveries of ancient and contemporary spiritual technologies in her practice.

She facilitates ceremonial gatherings, holds therapeutic sessions and collaborates in art and music projects that innovate boundaries of culture towards strengthening the unified purpose of nature.

Lani is creator of Wisdom Roundhouse, a multi-disciplinary sacred arts platform which explores creative modalities that lend ways to our symbiotic relationship with nature,


Wild and totally out of control


Ecstatic dance is a temple for us to really freely dance!


Indra is a DJane, Ecstatic Dance Croatia founder and event organizer active in music for more then 15 years.
Indra’s sound is a fusion of floating mystical atmospheres and deep dub bass lines with ethnic elements, including psybass, psydub, ethno step, psyglitch and other downtempo to midtempo styles with a taste of psychedelic. As in a real life, she draws her inspiration from nature, spirituality and traditions of ancient cultures. She often includes live instruments (trumpet, didgeridoo, bansouri, douduk, guitar, melodica, synth, percussions…), so you can expect live music, dancing, warm communication with the audience and pure positive vibes in her sets.


Awaken Spirit deep into the body. A visual feast and deep inspiration when Tantra turns into Creative and Performing Art


She is Tantra in motion, and stillness, made tangible and manifest.

A multi-disciplinary/dimensional movement and performance heartist, with sex, spirit, and art, she teaches or transmits, performs, and directs or rather channels performances of diverse forms all over the world.




Nives Soldičić is a circus performer and dance artist. She is an amazing aerial silk dancer, clowness author and yoga teacher.

Being a clowness in the organisation Red Noses gives her the opportunity to help children in hospitals and therefore make their life happier!

Watch out for her show! She will blew your mind!


Tymotuesz Ley and Agnieszka Stach are tango teachers and performers based in Krakow (Poland) where they’ve been running a tango school for the last 10 years. They have taught and performed in NY, Dubaj, Rome, Barcelona, Cyprus, Cambridge and many other countries.




Elixir of the Gods for pure ecstasy

An Indigenous myth recalls that when the earth and its people are out of balance, the cacao or raw chocolate will come out of the rainforest to open people’s hearts and return the planet to a state of harmony and balance. We are now living in that time.

Cacao, literally translates as the ‘Elixir of the Gods’ from the South America ancestors. It is a powerful medicinal plant for expanding consciousness without the hallucinogenic properties of other powerful plant medicines from the jungle.

The ceremony is an experience in multi-dimensional group energy and is ritualistically sipped in conjunction with other heart expanding processes.

The cacao ceremony, gifted from spirit as a tool to heal separation and move into oneness consciousness, uses meditation, dance, breath work, soft intimacy and the power of intention while working with one of the planet’s most powerful medicinal plants – Sacred CACAO.

THE PEACE LOVE TEMPLE: Reviving ancient Temple Arts


The Peace Love Temple is a place where we come to pray, play and love.

In this environment, we invite the frequency of the heart to meet our free wild sexual expression.

You may be a pilgrim of the temple by yourself, in a couple, trio or any kind of love net, the space respects the whole spectrum of human attraction, across all genders and sexual preferences.

We bring a deep intention to connect to universal truth and raise a collective prayer for the healing and peace of our planet and all living things.


Live, love and celebrate like there’s no tomorrow

A synergie of costumes, colours and self expression for a juicy & sexy vibe.
Tantra party with live and electronic music.


Fire Show


Sundari & Luche are performing and creating Fire Shows together from 2013. You can see them performing on various events, such as Medieval & Antique festivals, street shows, clubs and various music & art festivals.

Luche is a renowned Fire Breather & Staff and Sword Spinner with almost 20 years of experience and love for this discipline. He is also training whip cracking for almost 10 years now and uses Fire Whip in his acts. Luche is a great entertainer and audience loves him as much as he loves them.

Sundari is a tribal fusion bellydancer so she is using her strong dance technique while performing with Fire Fans, Candles, Fingers and Snake Poi. She also does a Fire Skirt Act – Whirling for 4 minutes dressed in Fire Skirt – which also lefts audience hypnotised and breath taken. Together they make magic while using Fans, Swords & Staff in their interesting duets and choreographies.

FB: Vodorige



Let them take you to a completely different universe

Amazonian shamanic sounds fused with electronic vibes? Funky nights to remind you on those old discotheques you used to go for?

Yes please! 



Watch out for this guy!

Blondo is specialised in 80’s remixed in his Techno deep sounds to make your night the most amazing and provocative life experience ever….

Born in Brussels, Belgium, Immigrated to Ibiza and got established in the 80’s music! Touring around the world provoking a new feelings in the heart of the 80’s music…

Absolutly Fabulous…nothing more to say!


Exclusively for Tantra Spirit Festival, this superhero will give us the most juicy sound for us to dance under the stars and moon.

His music is a fusion of ethnic, shamanic and meditative beats. A pure bliss to integrate all of it on the dance floor



A music artist.

He uses sounds from nature to create magical sets that can transfer you to other realms.

Creating a special set for the Tantra Party…