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The emphasis is on meditation and integration

Workshops are tailored to suit the need of each participant, whether beginner or advanced on the path of Tantra and Shamanism. You may expect to have a great deal of fun and connection among each other, but also deeply touched and transformed by the quality of the workshops..

Dive in safely and explore

The environment created in the group space allows people to dive in safely and explore the many different aspects, ranging from Sacred Sexuality, Massage, Chakras, Breath work, Meditation, Love and Relating, Intimacy, Rituals etc…

”Tantra Spirit festival” offers a unique blend of Tantra and Shamanic workshops, Live Music, Performances and Dance events.

Although those activities are offering a myriad of rich experiences, the emphasis is on Meditation and Integration which unable each and everyone to ground and apply the spiritual aspect of this path, in their daily life. 

All teachers are highly skilled in their field and facilitating courses worldwide.

This year’s theme revolves around the

“5 elements”

Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether

The Five Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether are the basic building blocks of life, and the world around us.

Our bodies are literally made up of these five elements, and we could not sustain any life without them.

They can also teach us a lot about ourselves. From the shamanic perspective, the elements relate to personal characteristics and can influence our behaviour.

There are some common expressions which illustrate this such as “he’s really down to earth”, “she is such a fiery woman!”, “my life just isn’t flowing well right now” or perhaps, “he has his head in the clouds!”

By connecting with the elements we can discover where our strengths and weaknesses lie and correct imbalances within ourselves

Shamanism is about learning from nature. Consciously connecting with the elements is a powerful way to rediscover our primal, essential self and a useful tool to help us understand ourselves better.

Tantra explores and balances all those 5 elements within us so that we can experience our true, original nature.