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There is nothing better then getting a treatment under the pine trees with the sound of sea in the background……

Introducing our professional team of healers.

Individual sessions are a great way to enhance your experience during the Festival.

They may enable you to deepen your understanding of Tantra in general, support you for healing,energising, or simply deep relaxation.

Our healing area is fully private and our dedicated healers are fully trained and qualified in their field of expertise.

Individual sessions are not included in the festival fee.

detailed brochure will be available in the healing area with a description of each session as well as price. 

Human Design Readings

by Billy White

A reading with Billy will show you the basics of how to live as your true self. At the festival, he will give you an overview of how you are designed to best make your decisions, how to move and operate in life, and how most appropriately to relate with others. Human Design is based on your time, place and date of birth, and is a terrifically accurate system that is very easy to assimilate. Billy has decades long experiences in meditation, yoga, and tantra, and enjoys sharing his knowledge, in a deep, intimate way. He moved to Ibiza, Spain several years ago from San Francisco, CA.

email:  [email protected]

Whatsapp:   +34 657 038 428


Tantric Breath & Body Work

by Christiane Ameya

International Tantric teacher, bodyworker, mentor and modern day priestess who facilitates workshops and retreats on topics of femininity & sacred sexuality. With her soft feminine presence she breathes into all dark places and transforms them into love.

Christiane holds a unique space that guides you home to yourself. Her private sessions include tantric body- and breathwork, yoni and lingam massage, de-armouring, womb healing.

Experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to surrender, receive and be held. Release trauma, numbness, pain and suppressed emotions. Awaken your life energy, expand into pleasure and experience deep transformation and healing on all levels.


Personalized Tantric Sessions

by Shaft Uddin

A highly regarded therapist in releasing sexual blockages, trauma, and holistic healing through tantric bodywork and yoni de-armoring. Guiding women to navigate their own body through, sensual touch, release, and pleasure.

His sessions are a deep dive into empowerment, education, and liberation from fear, guilt, and shame leading to deeper self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and self-love. Together we will create a session that is tailor-made to your body, your temple, your boundaries. Your safety and well-being are of the highest priority.  

Shaft Uddin is a certified Somatic Trauma Therapist and Tantric Facilitator with over 38.7 million views worldwide in teaching people about Tantra and the Art of Goddess Worship. 

He is the founder of Sacred Sexual Awakening.com sacredsexualawakening.com and you can find him on Instagram @shaftuddin

Body & Energy Work with Ron

Ron is a natural intuitive, people from all walks of life feel drawn to him
feeling safe and comfortable around him.

He has been working with people since many years continuously emerging himself in the field of tantra and awakening.

His approach is very somatic and does not involve much talking, the body holds the score as we know and Ron speaks to your innermost core in that way through touch and presence.

Sessions can be transformative initiations into exactly what the person needed, Ron can go in deep and move things that needed to be moved for a while, he can
help you to get unstuck – unstuck of your patterns, thoughts and repetitive
situations in life.

Session Work Ron:
– mouth de-armouring
– 4 handed tantric massage with Marion
– tantric energy work
– find your blind spot/ face your darkness empowerment work

Sophia Magdalena

Way of Mastery Breath Therapist Healer and Priestess

A guided journey through the Breath of Inquiry, unveiling the core root beliefs, and unhealed fears of past and present life experience.
Sophia Magdalena holds us in her divine light and love and guides us through energetic shifts, releasing what was falsely believed of ourselves.

A journey of returning to truth, self-love and acceptance of ourselves, freeing and awakening our bodies, our sexuality, pleasure, and the life force within us.
Remembering our original birth right, we return to our joy, laughter and bliss, the innocence and creative expression of our soul, supporting our own unique sovereignty.
Her sessions empower both men and women in consciously connecting with each other, in trust and intimacy, and returning to the sacredness of the wisdom of the Divine Creator.


Sophia has devoted herself to the clearing and cleansing of conditioned beliefs, Her desire in awakening love is to create new paradigms of love, intimacy and loving relationships, and peace
in the world.
As an international healer, she offers private sessions, workshops, and retreats.
In the 70’s she lived in San Francisco where she became fully involved in the alternative healing practices and the Feminist movement which greatly inspired her.

She later met the Way of Mastery teacher and spiritual community in Bali, and through her own healing journey she mastered the channelled teachings and healing practices that she now shares in her Awakening Love sessions.
She facilitates women’s retreats and workshops, combining these practices with Tantra, clearing sexual trauma, womb healing, journey through the portals of the Yoni, clearings energies and releasing emotions held within sexuality.
She leads Loves Breath group workshops and takes part in many International Breath work events, and festivals in Sweden.

Contact info for Updates and Skype Sessions..
email [email protected]
mobile/ Whats App. + 46 73 736 18 31
FB page Awakening the Sacred Feminine.

Massage Sessions by Serieke Ruyter

A massage session with Serieke is soothing for the mind and deeply relaxing for the body.
Through her loving touch, tension is dissolved, allowing the body to feel light and spacious.
With her interest in abdominal chi massage, you will be tempted into trying this special massage, which creates a deeper connection and groundedness in the belly.
Her full body massages are deeply nurturing and stimulate an harmonious energy flow from head to toes.
During the festival, visit her for a moment of tranquility, in which you can soften and relax your whole being.
Inspired by movement, human experiences, and expanding her horizon, Serieke has spend many years practicing and sharing massage, yoga, meditation and authentic connection with the world.
She loves being in nature and being together in stillness.



A session with Ivana will offer you a space to work on your wounds and ego defences which can be triggered at the festival, using the tools of integrative body-oriented psychotherapy, family constellations and breath and movements practices. During the session, you will have an opportunity to work through your triggers – feel and express your emotions in a safely held space, making connections between the triggers, old patterns, family constellations and your experiences.

Body oriented psychotherapy explorations with Ivana

The session is the space to meet all parts of your-self and release the patterns that no longer serve you. Allowing all your emotions, including anger, aggression and sadness, to be expressed in a safe way, will bring you closer with your true needs and hear desires. Fully embodying your human self will bring you in contact with the transpersonal realm, with your essence. Integrative body-oriented psychotherapy works on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
As a graduate of a four year psycho-therapy programme of the School for Integrative Development (www.cir.hr), Kundalini dance facilitator training (www.kundalinidance.com), International School of Temple Arts level 1 training, as well as a researcher in gender and sexuality (Ivana has a PhD in law from the University of London), a Five Rhythm dance and Kundalini yoga practitioner, and a curious traveller, Ivana has a comes with a range of experiences, and combines different types of knowledge and skills.
She is looking forward to the opportunity to hold the space for your self-explorations.

Body De-Armouring with Joyce

Breath – and Body Whisperer . A journey to reconnect to the wisdom of your body de-armouring / emotional release session is literally helping the body to release contracted tissue and the emotion that is held within. The aim is a loving and saferelease of pain, tensions, blockages, emotional andenergetic traumas. I like to take you on a journey where you trust yourbody and I follow the energy and feel where it getsblocked. With a blockage I use my voice or drum toencourage your body to release on a deeper level. At the same time I might work intensely on trigger oracupressure points and help you to breathe, sound andmove through pain. In this way you can let go, feel freeand relieved. Waking up your Life Energy & Opening up your Heart. Allow yourself to enjoy more juiciness and bodily pleasure during a Sensual Massage session. The focusis on the awakening of your life energy and the openingup of your heart. When awakened, this energy field canbe the beginning of an ecstatic experience and allow trapped physical and mental pain to escape from thebody.

With Enjoy(ce)! you can expect an intensely Pleasurable Experience, Relaxation, Transformation and Healing. Open yourself up to enjoying and living yourlife to the fullest.