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Introducing our professional team of healers

During the festival, you may encounter deep emotions that want to surface. For some of us, group processes and the building up of energy can be a bit overwhelming at times. In order to support your inner and outer journey, individual sessions can be of tremendous help, whether you need some grounding, energising, or simply relaxing. The Healing Temple offers a wide range of treatments tailored according to individuals.

Mario Cosmico

HEALING WAVES by Mario Cosmico

Transformational and Unique Bodywork treatments

Mario has his bodywork therapy foundation from the best global masters and has been sharing his healing gift all over the world for the past 12 years. 

His passion to travel and unmatchable energy has brought transforming exceptional results of long-term effect to the patients in more than 35 countries. 


Having discovered this treatment due to his own personal injury, he has soon embraced it as his calling and dedicated his life to master his unique technique with solid experience and now continues to spread his work globally.

His treatment style is life changing deep-tissue bodywork, full of energy and dedication to each patient’s physical and emotional history and deep respect for the individual body’s healing abilities. He is globally recognized as one of Top Healers having his unique customized method that he developed with the experience of combining The 5 Elements of Life activation within a human system and Body Awakening Energy techniques – this unique modality normalizes the internal energy flow, releases deep emotional blocks, increases the capacity of prana (life force energy in the human body) by intense breathing throughout the session, relieves any kind of physical muscular tension or joints pain, activates the work of all the chakras and awakens the vitality of the Life Force energy across the spinal cord. This kind of healing allows the patient to feel stronger inner confidence, self love and attributes to healthy longevity of the body’s natural system.

Tantra world and special retreats feature Mario Cosmico with his Cosmic Healing therapy, which is a profound and unique healing modality that allows every woman to release deepest blockages that are stuck in her body which induces sexual energy awakening for the body along with accessing the power of feminine energy source flow. These sessions help women to come back into their body experience by shifting the uncomfortable traumatic emotions of anger, shame, guilt towards fully being able to receive feelings of self love, connection and security.


More about Mario Cosmico and his Healing Waves:



More about Mario Cosmico’s signature 5 Elements Therapy:


Olivia Wood Healing

Olivia Wood is an intuitive healing therapist and Tantra Yoga teacher. 

Deep Tissue Massage – Tantric & Acupressure Techniques…

She shares her practice at festivals, on retreats and through individual sessions, spending much of her time in London, Bulgaria, Ibiza and India. 

Her approach is heart-centered and open to all.

Olivia shares her own healing journey at www.healingbeauty.co.uk and tips she’s learnt along the way on YouTube @HealingBeautyBlog and Instagram / Facebook @OliviaWoodHealing

Aaron Kleinerman

His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help humans integrate body movement, psychology, sexuality and spirituality.

He speaks and shares honestly and transparently so that others can unlock the real reason for their human existence.


Aaron is now fulfilling his own dharma and has dedicated his life to helping humanity wake up and remember their soul’s unique gift.


Lada Perisic

Touch is sacred, magic and healing.

Touch is old and ancient, the way we establish connection with ourselves and another.

Thai massage is an ancient healing modality 2.5 thousand years old. Originating in Buddhist monastery it was a way for spiritual people to share the benefits of meditation and compassion in a physical form.


Nowadays it is merged with modern ways of healing the body-emotional connection like physiotherapy, osteopathy, shiatsu and others but still keeping its original roots in working with metta, loving compassion.

Thai massage goes deep into the body structure, supports your subtle bodies, psyche and emotional release.

What can you expect when booking a session with me?

Deep, nourishing and supported body awakening, both calming and energizing. My clients have had experiences of deep release, arising old memories, emotional healing, state like trance, physical healing and a state of trust and relaxation. We work with your intention so whatever arises we take it as a gift, in a moment staying present we essentially expand your body energy flow.

About Lada;

I am a Thai massage healer, physiotherapist and a teacher. I do bodywork, merging western and eastern modalities for 12 years. I run my Body language holistic studio in Zagreb, capital of Croatia. My passion is training other body workers and psychotherapists in Thai massage, reflex therapy, anatomy and breathing.  

I am in the third year of body oriented psychotherapy education, and I use that knowledge as a support in healing process of body and psyche.


Shalom and peace.

Love is leading my way, and I am healing with love. My believe is that human existence began from water. 70% from our body is water, flowing water, flowing emotions, flowing movement, flowing love, brings healing to our body and soul.


In the treatment we will flow the physical and energetic body liquids blood, lymph, chakras, meridians each treatment is 60 minutes and its look different from one to another, each body talks different and gets the most effective treatment 60 minutes for 60 euros.

All the treatments are on a mattress on the floor, without oil (if u will ask we can add oil to the treatment). I have studied in Israel Shiatsu, ayruvedic massage, tai massage, lumi lumi, osteo tai, Swedish massage, deep tissue, combined massage. I work as a therapist for 4 years, private from home to home, from festival to festival.

you are welcome to explore and heal yourself thru your body, in a relaxing, peacefull, Joyfull, loving  way.

Christiane KoSoul

Tantric Breath & Body Work

International Tantra teacher, bodyworker, mentor and modern day priestess who facilitates workshops and retreats on topics of femininity & sacred sexuality. With her soft feminine presence she breathes into all dark places and transforms them into love.
Christiane holds a unique space that guides you home to yourself. Her private sessions include tantric body- and breathwork, yoni and lingam massage, de-armouring, sacred womb healing.
Experience deep relaxation and allow yourself to surrender, receive and be held. Release trauma, numbness, pain and suppressed emotions. Awaken your life energy, expand into pleasure and experience deep transformation and healing on all levels.



Bella is a tantric yogini and shamanic guide. She travels the world teaching the value of staying grounded in the physical body in order to fully explore what it is to be human. Enlightenment is not about transcending the physical body; it is about including and opening the body and the heart.

It is about allowing our life force to move through us, with its extraordinary power to unlock unprecedented levels of awareness, divine trust, love and intimacy.

Bella weaves many paths into one, bringing a strong connection to the ancestral wisdom of South America and the Red Road into all that she offers. She intuitively draws inspiration from the Gene Keys and Human Design systems, as she supports awakening individuals in understanding and re-aligning with their cosmic blueprint, and activating the higher potential encoded in their DNA.

Bella’s Readings reveal in great depth the exact gifts and challenges held in each of her clients’ incarnation, as well as the unique strategy capable of empowering them to transmute shadow patterns into inner and outer gold.

Bella’s energy is passionate, sparkling and inspiring. She effortlessly transmits wisdom , her message is about Love and how to live life to the fullest, while serving the whole with our unique gifts and creativity.

Max Böhme & Mona Seidel

Drawing Meditation

Max Böhme, born 1966 on Lake Chiemsee, Bavaria. Studied Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Teached on both Art Universities in Vienna and at Art Academy Düsseldorf (Herbert Brandl). Also 3 years teaching the Nude Class at University of Applied Arts. Since 2005 editing and publishing limited artist books with Sensationsverlag. Lives in Vienna and in Waldviertel.


Assistence: Mona Seidlborn 1997 in Vienna. Studying at the University for applied arts in Vienna. Lives and works in Vienna and worldwide. Open minded traveller, stuck to art since her childhood.

What we want to offer:

  • Opening your eyes and heart
  • Drawing Meditation.
  • Drawing the body and nature, open minded, changes your feeling and understandig of the the world that surrounds us.

People which are interested to model are welcome, which can be an interesting experience.

Individual sessions are not included in the festival fee. A detailed brochure will be available in the healing area with a description of each session as well as price.