Cast yourself back 10, 15, 20 years ago..when yoni and lingam massage was a term yet to be known, yet alone an acceptable practice, when sacred sexuality in the collective field was just starting to emerge, accelerated by books such as the Da Vinci Code, whether Dan Brown knew it or not..and soul remembering of the first venturers into this field..the early ones who remembered there was something more to sexuality and the disconnected way people were experiencing in the collective field. Where most of what is becoming widely accepted in the more conscious communities and is on the cusp of becoming mainstream, was but a tender shoot, tiny and emerging..when the trauma model, as it has become known and studied in recent years, had not yet become widely known or even discovered.

I remember the first Australian Sex and Consciousness conference for people working in this emerging field. A group of 30 or so, people who were working and navigating the sacred sexuality field by themselves, unsupported, but just following a deep knowing and call inside themselves that this was the next piece for the collective. Integrating sexuality, heart and spirituality. People discovering for the first time, that others beside themselves even existed. This was around 10 years ago..and part of the pioneer age going back 20 plus years..

I see the pioneer archetype has particular qualities that allows it to pierce through thick crusts of collective repression and conditioning, to bring forth massive changes in beliefs and perspectives in the worldwide culture. I see another quality the pioneer has is the ability to penetrate despite resistance, criticism, projections and hold themselves and their mission in the face of that..and to be able to flick these things off as they move forward with their mission and deliver their gift to the world.

The downside of being a pioneer is there can be a wake of destruction behind them, that needs to be cleared up.. and that is where we are the field of sacred sexuality is maturing, because of the journey taken by those who walked before, because of the lessons learnt through embodied experience, because of the mistakes that come from navigating virgin territory with no models or guides. Because of those that had the courage to dive in to these waters. Because of the fuckups that occur when the power of sexual energy overpowers awareness. Because of all that has occurred and for all of us who were there, at a soul level, signed up for..Even though the personal self may be kicking and screaming and struggling to navigate the wake..

I see this industry doesn’t need the pioneer energy so much needs something different. And that is what I hear is the call from all that is emerging. This energy is going mainstream and there is a collective purging happening so we can vibrate purity at the core. We are grounding, integrating, what has come before and evolving from the lessons learned on the the back of those who came first..

I feel sadness, where this cleansing has become the energy of a witch hunt. That people, some of who are relatively new to the field, are taking the moral high ground, moving from self righteousness, condemnation, shame and blame. In some cases, taking their own disembodied sexuality shadow and projecting out on some self righteous crusade to rid the world of perpetrators and predators, when they haven’t integrated their own.

It is easy to spot them. Triggers disguised as passion, penetrating perpetrator energy dressed up as saviour or victim, one sided accounts with no real interest in hearing and feeling the other side, and a lack of love. My heart aches for the pioneers that have had the courage to walk in the world and open up a field that many coming along now would not have. Being accused of having personality disorders when those very qualities at a soul level, are what was needed to break through the thick crust and not be destroyed by criticism, rejection, judgements and projections..

Does this mean I am saying harm did not happen? Does this mean I am saying people should not be held accountable and I am in some kind of new age delusion that excuses behaviours that have hurt and maimed others? Does that mean I am saying everything was perfect and there is nothing to learn and evolve? No. But I am asking, where is the love? Not light, fluffy new age love with no guts and substance. But grounded dark love.

Love that sees through to the souls innocence of all and brings dark love through to shift what needs to change. Love that is not self righteous, moralising and calling for blood..for that is not love to me..Love that holds with respect, those that have walked before, putting themselves in their shoes not knowing what it was like at the beginning, owning their own power and perpetrator issues. Love that has humility and holds the point for change so we can continue to evolve to a more integrated, grounded field to meet the mainstream swell that is coming..together. Love that is grounded and discerning, without a knee jerk fear reaction that strangles the life force out of the field with excessive rules, control and bureaucracy to keep everyone safe, so nothing bad happens..lower the play equipment and put soft cushy mats underneath so no-one gets hurt but no-one fully lives either..

For me this field is about vibrating with life and life force..this field is about delving into the shadows and bringing home the disconnected, disembodied pieces of ourselves..this field is about self responsibility and becoming an integrated being. This field is about creating a safe space within ourselves and being that. This field is about being in the trenches together and calling ourselves and each other into deeper integrity with dark love, and evolving where needed. And this field is about integrating sexuality with heart and spirituality.

My prayer is we can move through all that is emerging, and keep evolving, in a way that deep healing happens in ourselves, and each other, and keep the heart, soul and life pulse of what the field was originally about..

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