Our team

A cast of international facilitators, carefully selected for their skills, experience and wisdom will be holding space during workshops.

All  facilitators have devoted their life to develop deep understanding in the field of Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Sexual Shamanism.

Laurie Handlers & Michael Gibson

Laurie Handlers is a Sex and Happiness Coach, author of Amazon #1 International Bestseller Sex & Happiness: The Tantric Laws of Intimacy. She offers sexual health and awareness courses for corporations and individuals throughout the world. For over a decade, she’s hosted a weekly radio show “Sex and Happiness.” She has produced and starred in three independent award winning films. Also, she is a Lead Faculty member for ISTA. Her other major passion is Radical Life Extension.


Michael Gibson is the co-founder of the Academy for Men and creator of Just Add Skill workshops for men. He has studied and practiced Sexual Healing through Tantra for over ten years. His research for the book, The Talk your Parents Never Gave You, has revealed the inadequacy of sex education in the world today. This book and the Academy for Men are part of his mission to educate the public and to advance a Socio Sexual Revolution.

Laurie Handlers and Michael Gibson have a unique relationship. Not only are they disparate ages, but they communicate everything, simply everything to each other – the good, the bad, the ugly. They have weathered storms in relating and have something to offer you. They believe that partners have to “cough it up, blow it up and then clean it up.” They love to share this with others.


Ohad Pele Ezrahi

Ohad is a lead faculty in ISTA. He has been teaching Kabbala, Sacred Sexuality, Love and Conscious Relating for more than 30 years. His life partner Dawn Cherie is as well a lead faculty in ISTA and many times they lead workshops together.

Pele comes from a background of being a Kabbalist Rabbi in Jerusalem and a scholar of Kabbala for many years.  In 2000 he was a Rockefeller Foundation scolar in residence in the University of Eugene, Oregon, in a research program called “Science, Gender and the Sacred”.


Pele is the author of the historical fiction “Kedesha – A timeless tale of a Love Priestess” (purchase in Amazon.com) and several other books (most still only in Hebrew). One of these books is a revolutionary research on the sacred aspect of Lilith – the wild-dark feminine force, which holds the secrets of healing human sexuality. In another book he was exploring the erotic concepts behind the ancient Temple of Jerusalem and the way this knowledge was used for meditations in ancient jewish mystery school of the Merkava.

Before joining ISTA Pele was heading “Neviah – the Hebraic Academy of Universal Spirit” in Tel Aviv, and together with Dawn Cherie is the co-founder of “KabaLove – The School of Love and Kabbala”.

Pele is an artist, photographer and a song writer. His first album “Something out of Chaos” includes the tantric song Mikdash that is deduceated to Yoni-Tasing rituals. His 2nd album“Cosmic Snake” includes the songs “Captain Crazy” (lyrics by Bruce Lyon) and “Cosmic Sneak”.

Dawn Cherie Ezrahi

Dawn is a lead facilitator in ISTA and is also a performer, dancer, singer, and  a teacher of sacred love relationships.

Her work is focused on enlivening women and men to live love at their great power, using methods of movement, ritual and theatre.

Her latest passion is The STaR initiative utilizing mythic, shamanic erotic ritual to transform through performances. 


Raffaello Manacorda

Raffaello Manacorda is an international Tantra teacher, Yoga instructor and Daka. He has been practicing Tantra for more than 15 years and has undergone intensive training in several styles of Yoga. After completing a master’s degree in Philosophy, Raffaello decided to spend more than twelve years living in alternative communities and experimenting with radically alternative lifestyles. It was in this wild years that he first encountered Tantra, the “rebel way to Spirit”, and got fascinated with it. This developed into a life-long practice, first on a solo journey, then studying Tantra and Yoga in some of the


best worldwide schools. Raffa is proud to have joined the ISTA family and excited to share his gifts in this transformational field.

Raffaello is the creator of The Network of Love, a unique workshop on relationships, love, and sexuality. In 2016, he published “Conscious Relationships, The Art of Bringing Awareness to Intimacy & Sexuality”, a practical guide to evolved intimate relationships.


Elaine Young

BSc(Hons) MSc CSB
Website www.thetantricshaman.com

Elaine is an International Sexuality, Tantra and Shamanic Facilitator.

Sometimes described by those who experience her work as a Celtic blend of a Breathworker, Bodyworker, Shamanic guide, Spiritual Sexologist and Somatic Scientist. She is a Lead Faculty member of The International School of Temple Arts. Elaine is most often travelling, when in London she has a busy private client practice and events.


She loves to facilitate the healing and the integration of sexuality & spirituality, the body, the mind and the soul energies. She longs to support clients to live life as emotionally expressive beings. Her work includes exploring sexuality, spirituality, soul return and the 3 bodies of the physical, emotional and energetic. She supports clients with empowerment, freedom of expression, lack of libido, orgasm & self pleasuring, grief, unhealthly sexual/relationship patterning, genital somatic clearing of pain or disconnection, freeing oneself from shame and guilt around sexuality, body dearmouring, emotional release, consent and boundaries. She facilitates group sessions on Self Pleasuring, Breathwork, Genital Anatomy & Arousal, Body Orgasm, Womens Sexuality, Master Your Pleasure, Naked 3 Circles Rituals and Mindful Orgasmic Yoga.

Elaine is Certified Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator and (with Linda StarWolf), Tantra Educator (with Charles Muir), Urban Tantra Professional Graduate (with Barbara Carellas) and Somatic Sex Coach & Certified Sexological Bodyworker (Joseph Kramer).


Franck Mondeose

A contemporary voice on Love, Eros & Relating, Frank Mondeose
embodies both play and pray, which is reflected on his YouTube web series
“The Spiritual Playboy”

Faculty with ISTA, the International Schools of Temple Arts , co-
founder of ReMENber Brotherhood Journey , and creator of the lifestyle brand Monde Osé , Frank has touched the hearts, and minds of many, whether it be through tantalizing their imaginations at his multi-sensorial events, to inspirational interactions that have navigated people to accessing their personal power.

Frank is currently teaching Sexual Shamanism in over 10 countries
including Canada, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Iceland,
England, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, and Turkey

Crystal Dawn Morris

Crystal Dawn Morris is an ISTA Lead Facilitator, Tantra Teacher/Coach and Spiritual Midwife. She has been teaching Tantra for Awakening since 2007 and founded an online school, TantraVersity.com in 2018. Crystal is known for her warmth, enthusiasm and ability to create a safe space where magic unfolds. Her events and courses support the recognition of Truth in every aspect of life, from the mundane to the mystical. Embodiment of the True Self reveals the “field of being” that is available in every moment. This recognition creates a sense of ease, vitality and well-being. She lives in Sedona, AZ USA where offers coaching in-person, over the phone and via Zoom. She is passionate about helping people to wake up so they can experince more love and freedom in their lives.


Crystal Dawn’s Tantra studies began in 1989 after she had a spontaneous kundalini awakening that changed her life. Her formal Tantra studies began in 2003 with Margot Anand, author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy and founder of Sky Dancing TantraCrystal Dawn was a certified Sky Dancing Tantra Teacher from 2007-2014.

Crystal’s shamanic path began as a child who connected to Spirit through the natural world around her. She began studying shamanism for her personal healing in 1985. She had a shamanic healing practice from 1995 to 2005. She has studied with Venus Rising Institute, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman and numerous Native Medicine People since 1992. She is a Certified Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator and Shamanic Minister.

Crystal has two grown sons and five grandchildren. After the births of her sons she felt called to be a midwife. She spent over 20 years working in women’s health as an RN, Nurse-Midwife, and NP. She is committed to planetary awakening through ISTA, meditation, self-inquiry, Tantra, Shamanic Breathwork, sacred sexuality and the arts.

Shachar Caspi

A teacher of sacred sexuality, Daka and guide for esoteric exploration and meditation, Shachar was trained around the world with ISTA (International Schools of Temple Arts). Founder of the International School Art of Love ,founder of the International Gathering Initiation and Leads Cacao ceremonies named Ixcacao in Israel and around the world. Shachar is a certificate Hakomi therapist for individuals and for couples and leads an annual course training for workshops instructors in Israel and Poland.


Shachar invites you to expand your consciousness and tread the authentic heart’s path that exists in each of us. Experience how to connect our Kundalini (sexual energy, Shakti) with the Cosmos (presence, Shiva) in our heart space, releasing old patterns that do not serve us and connecting to our essence that dwells beyond our stories. Find the simplicity and beauty that awaits in the now.

Jasmeen Hana

Planetary mid-wife assisting the birth of heaven on earth.

Jasmeen has been exploring the ancient temple arts from a young age. Her upbringing in Egypt and furthered studies and explorations in India have created a foundation based on the ancient mysteries and arts within the influence of Belly dance, yoga and deep meditations as well as the ancient Egyptian embodiment codes. Her rigid religious upbringing in the islamic traditions has offered her a bases in religious mythology, the verse and the symbolism.


Her schooling commenced in London and Cairo, having completed a Middlesex University degree in Mass communications and Sociology by the age of 21.  At the age of 23 the journey took her to India where she deepened deeply in Viappassna Meditation, committing over 4 years to long silent retreats over the course of her travels as well as offering selfless service. 

In this time she studied with a Monk in Varanasi – india, the science of the body, through the science of Ayurveda, massage training as well as Pancha karma.

Her committed practice of Kundalini yoga over the years encouraged a Yoga diploma completed in Hannover Germany and furthered studies in Tantra in different institutions. 

In the midst of the sciences of body the deep desire to express creatively led Jasmeen to Berlin for the next three years at the age of 26. There she studied at a classical theatre school the art of drama. Combining theater with Tantra the foundation of the observer had been established in earlier years,led to a fascination in the art of embodiment. Her express and release work inspired her and at the age of 28 she did her first ISTA level one which blew her away. 

Her own style of session work was designed as a tantric practitioner, inspired by the ancient priestesses of India and Egypt. She has supported hundreds in their journey of re-connecting with their sensual- sexual bodies. Currently focusing on the ancient egyptian kundalini healing methods to connect the root with the heart and crown. 

Her calling to explore deeper the shamanic roots of her being, practice and offering made her leave Berlin and return home to Egypt where she has been laying foundations for current and future collaborations on the sacred land. 

Her vision is to bring back the ancient Egyptian universal blueprints of living life as simply as possible and as God like as purpose. Allowing heaven to resurrect on Earth through the loving remembrance of all those who choose to live life in ease and grace. Hence restoring the ancient temple Arts to be accessed by everyone as a simple way of life, rich and abundant in pleasure, sensuality and joy. 

She organizes and co-faciliates Kemetic/ African shamanic yoga teacher trainings in Luxor and is a co-founder of this yoga school in Luxor. 

She has  also journeyed deep with the plant medicines in the remote jungles of Peru, being led by the local Peruvian grandmother shamans. This has inspired her calling to bring back the sexual shamanic practices of womb clearing- releasing deep traumas in the base of the body.

Her own experience of trauma in her upbringing has opened her heart to her purpose. To deliver ritual and ceremony as core healing modalities on a very deep cellular level. 

A passionate dancer, writer, performer  and painter…. she never stops to explore the worlds within worlds. Her love for ISTA and all it delivers is now a platform for sharing her experiences over the years and allowing her to deepen in her teaching and facilitation expertise. 

“Sacred Sexual healing has been a great transformer for embodying the dream”, says Jasmeen. ” It is the key to absolute liberation in discovering, witnessing and dancing with the inner Lover”. In guiding individuals. couples and groups to their own inner source of Love and ” true wild nature” , a vision of Heaven on earth can be fulfilled, when each being remembers their own power and strength of creation and co-creation. 

Shamanism , natural lifestyle, home, the nuturing, organic foods and children are all parts of her desires and she embraces home, the earth and lovers, poetry of life as a vehicle to deep fulfillment. Her vision of a living Temple, a community where beings can thrive together in co-creation of magic, creativity and love inspire her days and her way. 

Jasmeen offers private sessions and events strengthening the inner wild nature and discovering ones own  true authentic Voice.

She is currently offering Egyptian Mystery retreats, blue lotus ceremonies, facitating with ISTA and holding a point at Highden Mystery School in New Zealand. 


Dhyan Niten

Niten is a faculty teacher at ISTA.

In 1992, he moved to India where he lived for 10 years and developed his skills in Tantra and Healing. He started to study and practise Yoga and Meditation 25 years ago.

In 2010, he founded “The Integrated Masculine”, an in depth process for the modern Man.

In 2014, he co-founded Ibiza Tantra Festival in Spain.

From 2008 to 2019, he worked as a lead facilitator with Tantra Essence created by Ma Ananda Sarita.



His passion for natural evolution and the subtleties of personal growth makes him a gifted facilitator

With clear insights and humour, Niten invites every participant to shake off their conditionings, breakthrough old patterns and reunite with their essential nature. He is currently based in Ibiza, Spain.

Clara Gomez Santos

Clara Gómez Santos is an international Erotic Empowerment guide, speaker and Dakini. 

She’s a natural facilitator of ceremonial spaces where Eros and Spirit are alchemised for prayer, healing and manifestation. She guides seekers who long to reconnect with their bodies, raw life force and creative essence through conscious activation of erotic and emotional energy.

Clara is the creator of The Art of Erotic Prayer Retreat. She’s faculty at ISTA – International School of Temple Arts and a regular presenter at Sexuality and Consciousness festivals worldwide. 

She enjoys sharing the journey as @lovepriestess on Instagram.

Bynoi Desouza

Some of these specifiers point to my work in the world – somatic sexual educator, esoteric embodiment guide – Tantrik & Sexual Shamanic modalities, Taoist internal arts practitioner, creator & producer of temple arts journeys globally, & ongoing student of play & embodied enquiry (internal sexual alchemy & self-cultivation).

Growing up in the 80s in Bombay, India, I learned to speak four languages – English, Hindi, Konkani & Marathi. I was fascinated by the places of synergy and separation between the mystical and the rational/logical. It was the beginning of my embodied enquiry into Tantra & the liminal aspects of the human condition. Alongside, I was also drawn to studying science, completing a degree in Electronics & Telecommunications engineering, specializing in Technical Communication, Usability & Human Centered Design.


I became increasingly fascinated by similarities underlying foundational practice of different wisdom traditions originating in the Himalayas – Tantric Buddhism/Tibetan Tantra, Shaiva Tantra especially Kashmiri Shaivism, Bon Shamanism, Trans-Himalayan Shamanism, and also Taoist Internal Arts practiced on the opposite side of the mountains in India in China. Many of these wisdom traditions have cross fertilized each other to create potent individual embodied practices to experience reality skillfully and totally.

I was invited to Belgium in my early 20s, where I first stumbled upon Argentinian Tango, the language of embodied poetry. For the next decade, learning, practicing, and teaching dance & creating community around practice shaped the process of my embodied enquiry. This was the beginning of my fascination with embodying polarities or sometimes, seeming contradictions or paradoxes. I lived Belgium, Sweden, and Argentina, learning 3 more languages – Dutch, Swedish & Spanish.

I’m passionate about learning & un-learning in the body & the embodied enquiry of seeming opposites of liminal aspects of the human condition; east & west, mind & animal; sexuality & spirituality; masculine & feminine; logical & mystical, spirit & matter; personality & soul. I am lovingly committed to support human beings to experience their embodied essence, while exploring the depths and the heights of the journey of being human.

I look forward to walking the path with you.

More info – http://lovemovementevolution.com

Amber Ra

Primarily I’m a curious explorer, a student of life and the journey of souls. I’m a practitioner of awareness, healing and consciousness as tools of self-development.

My experience in body work, energy and movement, tantra and meditation and my never ending curiosity led me to my path of purpose. I’m deeply devoted to see the conscious evolution of our planet and to support beings to connect to their own power of creation and clarity of purpose through the activation of life force and communion with spirit.

I facilitate deep shamanic journeys, initiations, rituals and workshops worldwide and serve as a weaver of sacred spaces and the magical alchemy of souls.

These days I’m in a profound process as a doctoral student of philosophy cosmology and consciousness, to better serve in bridging worlds.



Eugene Hedlund

Eugene Hedlund is ISTA faculty & Founder of the School of Tribal Tantra. He has been teaching transformational arts around the globe since 2008.

Tribal Tantra is an integrated study of Kashmiri Shaivism,European Shamanism, Ritual Magic, Quantum Science & Conscious Movement as a gateway to accelerate those who are ready to step into their mastery. 

“I am not here to offer anything new, but to help us remember something old, something true, something that has always been…that you are complete. You are enough. You are worthy of loving and being loved.” ~ Eugene



Laura Deva

Laura Deva has a powerful, authentic and sensuous presence.

Through the space she holds, her students and clients learn how to accesstheir inner ability to empower and transform themselves and their lives.

Weaving together darkness and light she gives permission to explore allsides of yourself in an ease-full way so you can fully embody yourwholeness.

Laura Deva has a master degree in clinical psychology and criminologywith a decade of experience in this field.

8 years teaching Tantra and holding sacred spaces and 3 years facilitating the Dancing Eros body off work.

Xavier de Forceville

Xavier is a powerful Love Warrior dedicating his life to being a channel through which Love can manifest. He practices everyday with many different tools and modalities to continually deepen into his capacity.

Xavier upgraded a Space Engineering career in France 20 years ago by embracing  passionately a life,  love and spiritual quest in Australia and in over 30 countries around the world. He is studying, practicing  and sharing everything that can help living a more empowered abundant and loving happy life on this planet.



With full presence and gratitude and leading by example Xavier is working to heal and teach in the areas of abundance, presence, sacred sexuality, and the power of the divine Masculine and Feminine. Studying as much as possible and being in service to love on a daily basis, he is passionate about sharing his gifts with those ready to upgrade their life.

Xavier is an ISTA Faculty , Spiritual Sexual Shamanic practitioner,  personal mentor, and health, wealth and personal development coach.

Marion Ellyard

“Beyond any judgement, with a heart full of acceptance and surrender, there I found a vast void of silence, emptiness and space, filled with joy.”

Marion Ellyard is a passionate mother and partner that has been deeply involved with the ISTA community since 2013, as not only an organizer but also as a participant, speaker and faculty member. She has worked with different individuals as a body-based therapist for over 20 years with an emphasis on counselling, intimacy coaching, somatic experiences and healing trauma through rewiring the patterns of the brain.


Ron Van Twuiver

Ron van Twuiver started his journey with conscious sexuality in 1998. Driven by a natural openness and curiosity and several long term relationships the question remained: What is relating all about? How does it work and how does sexuality fit into all of it. Born in the Netherlands he has a long background with connection through dance, exploring Latin and Tango dancing and the intricate play and harmony and body language between the two opposite polarities – the lead and the follower.


Aya Kamanakai Iwasaki

Aya is a entrepreneur, creator of Ancient Voices Retreats, designer of AyaPapaya Clothing and Jewelry and somatic movement guide.  Allured by the wild and beauty within our beings, Aya Kamanakai calls us to remember ancient wisdom and awaken the intelligence stored inside our bodies. Combining embodied movement, somatic release, and vocal empowerment, Aya guides journeys of self exploration designed to connect to our authentic selves, unearth our deepest desires, and birth our deepest offerings.  She hosts transformational retreats, womb awakening workshops, online courses, and private mentoring as a reimagined mystery school where we learn from the wild and the deep well of our own knowing.
Passionate pursuit of embodying the wild feminine brought Aya into deep study of female sexuality, womb wisdom, and a descent into the underworld.   Aya has studied womb awakening extensively with the Fountain of Life 9 Moon Apprenticeship Program.
She is an advocate for women reclaiming full creative potential, reviving wild sexuality and passion, and rooting us in our sexual sovereignty.

Buddhi Dana

Buddhi Dana is a man of the heart who is walking the tantric path for the last 20 years. A skillful temple priest, a tantric therapist, an ISTA facilitator and a vessel for divine energy.
Buddhi Dana is rooted from youth in the Osho path as well as in the wisdom of the traditional Tibetan Tantra, yoga, the path of the Zen and the path of the Tao.

Buddhi Dana is a powerfully gifted man with a natural ability to reach deep into the hearts of others and to lead them peacefully into the present moment. He is a community leader and the co-founder of the sacred sexuality community in Israel.
Buddhi’s vision is to awaken people’s strong sexual energy and allow for embodied beings to take on leadership while connecting to the emotional, spiritual and sexual body. This will make way for a new generation of beings with love and respect for their fellow human beings and for the whole planet.

Buddhi love to say, 
“Love one another and raise the frequency of the whole world”.  

Arpana Ashish

ARPANA ASHISH has been learning and thriving through images and imagination all her life, which took her to careers in theater, journalism and filmmaking, a wild ride through uncountable versions of personal life and creative reality on this planet. 

 More than 20 years of storytelling has taught her that the true stories that can advocate change for our lives need to be found inside ourselves and in our direct connection to our creative source. She has traveled the globe to find the universal language, turned towards the imagination of the heart, the language of the inner space. 

To support souls to awaken to their eternal core fire has become her primary calling in life. Her gaze is pointed towards the expression of the subtle essence we hold within, to unlock that unique gift and support it to manifest in life with love, power and grace, aligned with the greater whole of this planet.

Arpana Ashish is cultivating and teaching  ancient tools for awakening the imagination of the soul into sound, form and life force by using mythology and archetypal images, alchemical methods, meditation and embodiment for creative transformation. Her sessions, trainings and ceremonies support people worldwide in dreaming their future into existence. 


Matthias Schwenteck

Meet Matthias Schwenteck, the Founder of Somatic Consent. Matt is a German-born citizen who has been traveling and teaching internationally since 2010. He is a trained facilitator in the fields of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and has been working with different healing modalities such as counseling, guided meditation, and bodywork, for over 20 years. His sessions and teachings are grounded by a background of trauma research and neurophysiology. Matt considers himself a student of life, and finds himself inspired by everything that resonates with the key values of connection, transformation, and love. In his unending search for authentic experience, Matt has walked many paths, including those of Tao yoga, shamanism, and energy work. In 2011, he found his calling within the practices of somatic experiencing and consent, and has been studying and fine-tuning these practices ever since. He developed the Somatic Consent Engagement System in 2019, and has dedicated his life to guiding thousands of people through this evolutionary process in settings that range all the way from festivals, to workshops, to professional private sessions.

Sana Sanita



Lin Holmquist

Lin brings you her collected experience of two decades as spiritualguide. She started her journey with theprimordial shamanism ofthe north, connecting to deep wisdom of the sounds, winds,waters and nature beings. She brings you all her expreiencefrom herfoundation of Advaita Vedanta and the philosopher AdiShankaracharya, through the crazy wisdom schools of neotantra, NeuroLinguistic Programming and therapy to trusting the life force within.Lin weaves moderns psychology and science with the traditionalpractices of tantra and she is the bridge between the material andspiritual world. After a powerful and life changing kundaliniawakening in 2011 she follows the inner truth and her passion is tosee people’s awakening and to guide them through this intenseexperiences.Lin works with pleasure as haling method and she facilitates tantragroups ad trainings all over the globe, she is also one of Sweden’smost sought after tantra therapists.


Buster Radvik

Buster’s dharma is being by example and leading with integrity. He literally wears his heart on his sleeve and has a reputation for pleasantly shocking an entire room with his candid emotional awareness and ability to reveal himself, transparently, no matter how awkward and messy it might look. His warm, open style gives permission for people to come home to their humanity, embodied in an ecstatic atmosphere of vulnerability and presence. He gently guides participants into the wisdom of the body and its innate drive to heal, develop new capacities and adapt. Buster is the founder of Embodied Intimacy, Embodied Intimacy Training, a Certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in private practice and a professional member of The Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS). He specializes in individual, couple and group therapy for trauma and attachment related issues around intimacy, sex and relationship. He believes that the body is the pathway to liberation. www.EmbodiedIntimacyTraining.com

Rachel Rickards

Rachel is a powerhouse creator. She loves facilitating groups with an intentional focus on growth and intimacy. Her stellar organizational skills have birthed countless workshops, retreats, trainings and conferences for grateful teachers and participants. In 2014 she co-founded Embodied Intimacy, a thriving community dedicated to hands-on relating, honest emotion, and always coming back to love. She brought David Cates and Belly2Belly to Europe, along with upgraded practices for regulating our nervous systems and creating safe space in groups. With partner Buster Radvik, she’s championed much-needed awareness about the influence of trauma in sex and relationships. An outspoken advocate for open relating, Rachel is insistent that we all care for each other, hold ourselves accountable, speak our truth, and develop the relational skills to keep growing together. Her fans and followers love that she lives what she preaches, sharing by video and in person the intimate real-time details of how she leans into her edges, sometimes falls, and always keeps on loving. www.EmbodiedIntimacy.com

Santoshi Amor

Santoshi is an international teacher fully devoted to live the Tantra Path for over 20 years . Her presence and both her passion and spontaneity encourages participants to discover hidden aspects of themselves. Her work brings individuals into Authenticity and Love. She is the founder of Ibiza tantra festival and the International Tantra Woman Training and Tantra woman Team. She dropped her career as an architect to follow her heart and lived at the Osho Community in India for 12 years where she became a Tantra and Meditation teacher. Leaving Osho commune she retreated in silence and isolation in the Himalayas for over a year to practice Tibetan Tantra.  Coming back to the west she traveled and teach tantra in more than 17 countries.  She is now based in Ibiza and fully devoted to support women to bloom into their higher potential. Her women Training runs in different countries and her team of co-teachers and co-creators is becoming internationally renowned. www.tantrawoman.com www.ibizatantrafestival.com

Aaron Kleinerman & Chantelle Raven 

Chantelle and Aaron have a deep passion for embodied awakening and understanding the psyche and sexuality. Both of them come from a strong academic and personal development background. They have worked in the field of human development for almost two decades and have dedicated their life to serving love and freedom on the planet from a very early age. What they both experienced after a lot of learning and inner work, was that they needed to take conceptual teachings into the body to affect real change. This is when they uncovered their heart’s vocation in Tantra.   


They have both travelled far and wide to immerse themselves in the teachings of Tantra and have trained extensively to facilitate deep healing and discover their own path as Tantra educators. They are based in Australia and Bali but have taught all over the world – in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and America. They balance their professional life of writing, private-practice and group facilitation with spending quality intimate time with each other and their beloved community and family.   It is Chantelle and Aaron’s intention to de-mystify the ancient practices of Tantra and make them accessible in everyday life. Find out more about Aaron and Chantelle at www.eliyah.com.au

Luba Evans 

Luba Evans is a visionary and internationally known lecturer on spiritual, personal and holistic health issues. Luba says that the inspiration behind her work is her vision of personal growth, liberation, return of divine feminine, sacred union of feminine and masculine, connection to the source and the idea of living the life as a spiritual practice, a life of service.

Deva Presence 

Deva’s Vision Heart Centered Living Create a worldwide online and in retreat community that is liberated in love, multi orgasmic, vibrant in health and honors themselves and the earth. Hailing the highest form of mental, physical, energetic and emotional health. Bringing our human nature back to its restful and orgasmic state. Having thousands of people facilitating others in developing this orgasmic and enriched lifestyle. Deva has been 15 years facilitating others to bring passion back into their lives. Now with him having taught in the Netflix series “Too Hot to Handle” Millions have been touched by his work. Uplifting humanity, one person at a time.

Alice Hong 

Alice Grace Hong is transformational catalyst that empowers people to reclaim the wild wisdom of their bodies, pleasure, emotions and cultivate unshakable self love. She is founder of UnTamed: Wild Feminine and Wild Women Gatherings, facilitator for Women Who See in the Dark, and has led workshops for thousands of people around the world. Her skillful facilitation comes from over 12 years of teaching in the fields of tantra, sacred sexuality, conscious communication, and embodiment. Her passion is creating brave spaces for people to step into their authentic freedom.


Nisarga Eryk Dobosz

Nisarga started his journey with breathwork and healing practising Pranayama (yogic breathing) at a yoga studio in Warsaw, Poland in 1998. Guided by his spiritual search and interest in deep inner healing he first came to the OSHO International Meditation Center in Pune, India in 2005 where he discovered the revolutionary breath therapies and meditations taught by the late Indian Master Osho and his disciples. His motivation to learn about and deeply understand the human body and its language took him to the sources of integrated mind-body-spirit work. He continued to travel and live around the world for the next 10 years, studying and practising various breathwork, bodywork and meditation techniques from the Zen, Sufi, Tao, Buddhist, Tantra and Osho traditions in Asia, Europe and America. He has since established himself as a bodywork therapist and trainer, specialising in the Biodynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System®, Myofascial Energetic Release bodywork and Lomi Lomi Nui massage. 


In 2013, Nisarga co-founded and became the director of the Integral Body Institute in Poland, offering workshops and trainings in these modalities. Shares his teaching through the Body Awareness Institute which he founded in Estonia and he also offers bodywork and breathwork trainings in Bali and Turkey. His passion for people shines through everything he does – giving individual sessions or working with groups of trainees – Nisarga finds great joy and fulfilment being of service by supporting others on their journeys of healing and self-development. He feels incredibly grateful and privileged to have treated and trained thousands of people over the years and admires his clients and students for their great courage, strength and willingness to work on themselves.

Hannah Knight

Hannah is a Tantric Yoga & Meditation Teacher and an Integrated Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach. She is passionate about living vibrantly, blissfully, and authentically in total embrace of the All that we are. Her approach to healing and transformation is informed by the Non-dual Tantric Philosophy, Anusara Yoga, modern-day psychosomatic healing, and the Science of Mind. She has been on the Tantric path since age sixteen and continues to deepen her study and practice while courageously claiming her destiny as a priestess, teacher, and guide. With her gentle yet powerful approach to living an awakened and ecstatic life, she helps others access more pleasure, connection, and abundance as they heal old wounds, claim the life they have always wanted, and finally embody the infinite being they have always been.

Sudhir Seyboth

Sudhir has been leading the Path of Love Retreat, Primal & Tantra Groups and the Men’s Liberation Seminar for more than 30 years.

He came 1986 for his first visit to India where he met Osho and stayed at the Osho Commune in Poone for 11 years.
After years of training in Yoga and Meditation, Inner Child and Breath Therapy, NLP and Family Constellation he began to travel around the world to lead courses at personal growth centers in Europe, Asia and the US.
In 1995 he was appointed to lead the Mystery School at the Osho Center for Transformation, which was at the time the world’s largest center for personal growth. In his role of faculty director, he was responsible for program design and training for a team of counsellors and therapists.
Now 30 years later, Sudhir’s passion continues to be supporting people in their personal transformation, helping them to live their full potential.

James Stevenson

James’s passion is to help call forth our human potential and our soul. His weave brings together more than 23 years experience in techniques, practices and information from the cutting edge of Neuroscience, Tantra, Biodanza, Shamanic & Energy Work, Integral theory and Taoist practices to create a spirituality that is rooted in the body. His evolutionary approach is to work on all lines, levels, states and parts of ourselves in bringing forth our fullest potential.

His shamanic work includes being Vision Quest rites of passage guide, holding Sweatlodge Ceremonies as well as Sacred Cacao Rituals. He was also part of the International School of Temple Arts faculty and regional organizer for Asia. He has been dancing Biodanza since 2003 and now works as a teacher and a didactic teacher (qualified to teach other teachers in Biodanza Schools). www.jamesstevenson.life
He has been teacheing men’s work for 15 years and now also offers couples work with his partner Riya Sokol. 
Now his passion is as one of the most prolific festival organizers in the world and as founder and director of the Awaken as Love mystery school: www.awakenaslove.com

In 2013, Nisarga co-founded and became the director of the Integral Body Institute in Poland, offering workshops and trainings in these modalities. Shares his teaching through the Body Awareness Institute which he founded in Estonia and he also offers bodywork and breathwork trainings in Bali and Turkey. His passion for people shines through everything he does – giving individual sessions or working with groups of trainees – Nisarga finds great joy and fulfilment being of service by supporting others on their journeys of healing and self-development. He feels incredibly grateful and privileged to have treated and trained thousands of people over the years and admires his clients and students for their great courage, strength and willingness to work on themselves.

morning activity teacher


Qoya Movement 

Erin is an Australian artist and movement facilitator working across the dance, music, film and theatre industries as well as the holistic arts. Erin completed a Bachelor of Dance in 2010 where she studied ballet, contemporary and a variety of other movement styles. In 2012 and 2013 she embarked on a journey to Wudang Mountain in China where she studied traditional martial arts including Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. In 2015 she discovered the feminine movement practice Qoya – a movement system based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence is wise, wild and free. Qoya combines the wisdom of yoga, the the wildness of dance and the freedom of sensual movement in a powerful, holistic practice. Erin completed her Qoya Teacher Training in New Zealand in 2016 and teaches Qoya workshops internationally. She has been working with the Eliyah Tantra School since 2016 and offers workshops and sessions with a focus on embodiment through the practices of Tantra as well as leading Qoya and Temple Dance on their international retreats.