War and fighting is a part of our human fabric. It will not stop and I do not feel it is a good idea to want to stop it. When we attempt to stop it, it becomes more cruel and unconscious as we see in terrorism.

War and fighting is a part of our human fabric. It will not stop and I do not feel it is a good idea to want to stop it. When we attempt to stop it, it becomes more cruel and unconscious as we see in terrorism. What we can do is bring love and consciousness to our fighting and war. Let’s start by addressing war at home and in our internal relationships. The battle of the sexes inside of myself is the first place to start. That is the relationship with my own inner masculine and feminine. If I don’t see and own my inner battle then it is unconsciously projected out into the world. What is the status and condition of my inner marriage? Do I even know I have one or care? Once I have that inner dialogue and communication going with my inner masculine and feminine, I can address this age old war inside of me. As I have more love and communion in my internal core relationship, then I can start to address the other internal conflicts of the mind, body, heart, and emotions. These 4 aspects of being are often at war and it takes nothing less than mastery to bring them into a functional peace. I have not yet met an adult that has learned the foundations of relational mastery as a child. It is not too late to learn now. In fact, we must learn now for the sake of our planet, humanity, and our children. If I can end the war and confusion inside of me, then peace and prosperity has a chance to blossom externally. Understanding the agenda and priorities of each of these four aspects of being is crucial. Mind is the control center. It’s job is to figure things out and do well. In the best case scenario, the mind listens carefully to the other aspects and insures harmony, synergy, flow. Often the mind is distracted with chatter, constant analysis, and stories that take it out of presence. Heart wants Love and communion. It can also be holding disappointment, fears, and wounds. Body wants to survive, procreate, and feel good. It can very easily go into override survival mode… even if the threat is not real but imagined. Emotions or the Emotional Body wants to feel everything fully and deeply. It has often felt ignored, judged, and shutdown by the mind. These last three aspects have ways of working together to get the control center of the mind’s attention and stop the bullying.

As we deepen our inner marriage and listen with loving presence to all of our aspects, we are able to navigate life with more ease and grace. This is called the path of Total Integration. We can find our flow and life will seems to take on a kind of magical quality. We become less concerned with survival and more occupied with creativity and Love. When there is clear deep communication and more alignment inside ourselves it is easier for others to relate to us. We will know different parts of ourselves better and be living in more clarity of who we are and what we want….. and don’t want. Whether we are in a committed one on one relationship or in multiple relationships, different parts of us can be open to some things while other parts of ourselves can be terrified and closed. As an example, knowing our bodies and the animal part of us is very significant for our physical health, overall quality of life, and our ability to manifest. Our bodies biological program has conditioned us to chase away, discourage, and war with would be suitors of our mates. This can be in conflict with our souls, hearts and minds ideas about being a loving person. We may find ourselves being cold, uninviting, downright mean, or warring with our brothers and sisters. We may also find ourselves justifying our gross behavior as self loving and then stepping back from our partners and relationships that point out our obvious unconscious reactivity. We can end up projecting a fantasy love onto an endless stream of partners and distance ourselves or end amazing relationships that could deepen ability to love. No one is wrong here…. It is about awareness and presence and holding the point of Love. First love and compassion for ourselves, and then for others. Do we have enough relational mastery, awareness and presence, to honor our inner relationship? If we do, we can then offer that love to our intimate partners. A Love that is constant, a heart and body that remains connected and open; because we are not going into fantasy with our latest attraction and leaving our other relationships.

The other course of action is to consciously align with our animal and make relational agreements to not do anything that would to activate it into survival. This is more loving than to pretend to be open and free. Often times brothers and sisters go into collusion, “I want your trust and friendship, so I will override my true desires with those you also love, so you will feel safe and like me, and you offer me the same. And, if you do activate my animal fear, I will get others to join me in shaming you into compliance.” Of course our partners may not always see or be aware of potential lovers that would undermine or respect our current relationships. If we and our partners have a solid relationship inside ourselves and with each other, then we can trust them and ourselves to hold our relations intact, deflecting any attempts to undermine. And, step back from those who would continue to do so. Where has your mind forced a part of yourself to do something it didn’t really want to do? Or, where did your consciousness abandon you, and you were not really listening and honoring different parts of yourself and taking the time and space to enlist support in your actions, rather that forcing or bullying them into compliance.

Have a conscious war with your different parts to address the held resentments of the past. Bring yourself into Total Alignment, back to love, and live as a more fully Integrated person. Have conscious war with your intimate relationships, family members, co workers, or anyone you have tension with. Make a space at home where you can have your conscious war. A comfortable place with pillows and padding where you can make noise and let all the held emotion go. Make agreement with your self to bring breath, sound, and action to your thoughts and feelings without hurting yourself, anything, or anyone. Let your different aspects speak, rage, cry, and rant. Speak the unspeakable and allow the opposing factions within you be heard and felt. Besides doing this with your inner aspects, you can also do this with your close relations. Without them physically being there with you, you can let go of everything you are holding. Have a conscious war and clear the air. There are continuous opportunities to have conscious war so we are not adding to the war that is happening on our planet without love or consciousness.

Peace starts with every individual, bring consciousness to every war.
May peace prevail <3

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